MID-SURE is an undergraduate research conference that Michigan State University hosts every year for undergraduates all over Michigan to come and present their work. The client was looking for imagery that represented the spirit of the conference in a creative way that wasn't focused on just one field of study.
Inspired by the innovation of MID-SURE, I created my own typeface in Illustrator for the title. Pieces of the letters are seen wrapped in purple, referencing electrical tape and the fact that innovation is never complete; there is always more to be done and space to grow. 
To further demonstrate this idea, circular shapes akin to molecules begin to grow off the edges of the title and stretch towards different ends of the page. These shapes represent the connectivity of ideas that accumulates at the conference, as well as the variation in backgrounds and areas of study. Finally, the geometric pathways lead into the silhouette of a figure, as the conference is not only about the celebration of ideas, but also of the individuals behind them.
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