UURAF is an event for Michigan State students to feature their research activity. To help celebrate this idea, I created a scene of community and innovation that showcased and centered around their 25th Anniversary. The poster captures an expansive, growing universe that people want to be a part of.​​​​​​​
We start to break down the scene with a nod to our university’s agricultural college roots with a cow hurtling through space, bringing us right into the center. The title “UURAF” actively spins through space, acknowledging the constant push towards innovation and striving for something greater than the present. The other planets fall on a similar spinning axis, representing the range of different colleges involved (gear asteroids for the engineers, a dripping paint planet for the artists, a telescope and a beaker for the scientists, etc.)
To capture some nostalgia, I chose a typeface called "Custard" with a retro futurism feel and a bright color palette that fit in with the lively scene of funky planets. ​​​​​​​
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